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Jul 10, 2019

Welcome to She Leads Podcast Season 4, Episode 11! This episode of She Leads Podcast features Angel Shackleford founder of Angel Cleaning Services & More. Angel Shackleford is a Serial Entrepreneur who leads her life like the Boss she is. To hear Angel Shackleford’s take on leadership, listen to her interview as she discusses the importance of leading by example, having balance in life, and overcoming adversity.

Angel Shackleford's Bio

Angel Shackleford is a mother of five wonderful children and a serial entrepreneur. She is the proud owner and operator of 4 fabulous wonderful businesses and co-owner of one. Angel’s main goal is to accomplish and administer knowledge to her children in all areas of every field she works in. Angel is a home cleaner, patient care provider, Mobile Hair Braider, wellness consultant, and photographer. Angel is driven by the joy that comes from all of the avenues that she chooses to travel. Angel enjoys the freedom of her lifestyle and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Having a large family and being a single mom, can be difficult at times. Angel uses balance and freedom as her aid along her journey. Angel lives regret free and ensures she teaches her children how to be great based off of the lessons she has learned and used to become a better person herself. Angel’s advice to being a success mother and/or business owner is to pray, perfect your craft, be patient and be kind.

Nicole Walker’s Interview Commentary

I really enjoyed this interview with Angel and I hope you did as well!

I agree with Angel’s view point on working hard to get where we want to be.  As Angel stated, “the more you put in the more you get out”. This statement is so true and applies over various areas of life, from business to relationships to exercise just to name a few. Working hard has both physical and mental benefits for those that choose to go the extra mile. Some of the mental benefits include mental toughness, self-discipline, and hyper focus. Additionally, when we work hard we also encourage others to do the same, leading to more goals being reached and more dreams being attained. A quote by Thomas Edison reads, “There is no substitute for hard work.”

I admire Angel’s ability to balance her personal and professional life by engaging her children in her business ventures. Many people in Angel’s situation would count themselves out due to having five children and not being able to take the time necessary to reach their dreams.  Angel has figured out a way to be both a great business woman and a great mom at the same time, which is inspiring. By doing this Angel is instilling great leadership qualities in her children as well as lightening her workload, which is a WIN-WIN. As Angel suggested, we should utilize our internal resources before seeking external help.

I can relate to Angel’s experience of making mistakes and doing things she should not have out of impulse, as I have and sometimes still experience the same. Controlling my impulses is a battle of mine that I face, sometimes on a daily basis. Mastering self-control is how we master controlling our impulses, and with effort it can be achieved. Learning to hold strong to our big goals, will help us to stay grounded when faced with temptation. A quote by Thomas Jefferson reads, “Don’t bite at the bait of pleasure until you know there is no hook beneath it.”

Nicole Walker’s Takeaway of the Week

Angel mentioned the importance of knowing and playing our position to get the best out of our experiences. I agree with this and definitely need to remind myself of this, especially when it comes to working in Corporate. I can honestly say I am not the happiest with my work-life; however, I cannot let this deter me from playing my position accordingly.

I will make it my business to respect all of my positions and figure out how to play them to the benefit of myself and those around me, as I aim to be successful in all I do and this is what is required to do so.

A quote by Colin Powell reads, “Don’t let your ego get too close to your position, so that if your position gets shot down, your ego doesn’t go with it”.

Nicole Walker’s Leadership Challenge

My leadership challenge for you would be to think about the one thing you can take away from this episode and adopt into your life.  I know it’s hard to absorb too much information at one time and it’s even harder to try and implement too many changes at once.  When I attend a training or listen to podcasts I aim to walk away with a least one thing that stuck out to me and one way that I can change as a result.  I challenge you to do the same!  If you decide to take me up on my challenge I would love to know about your key take way.  If you care to share please go to the She Leads Podcast Discussion Group on FB and leave your comment under the Takeaway Thursday post for Season 4 Episode 11.

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Thanks and until next time “Be Empowered and Empower On”!