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Dec 17, 2019

Welcome to She Leads Podcast Season 5, Episode 16! This episode of She Leads Podcast features Erin McFarley founder of The Rising Phoenix Form. Erin McFarley is an Author, Confidence and Leadership Coach, and Speaker who leads her life like the Boss she is. To hear Erin’s take on leadership, listen to her interview as she discusses the necessity for confidence to be an effective leader, the importance of paying to attention to our energy and the energy of those around us, and the value of helping others see their gifts and light.   

Erin McFarley Bio

Erin McFarley is a native of St. Petersburg, FL. Erin is a realtor and the CEO of The Rising Phoenix Firm, a confidence and leadership consulting firm. The Rising Phoenix Firm specializes in public speaking, confidence and communication coaching. Erin has over 25 years of experience in public speaking as well as experience in training. She has trained over 200 instructors and children combined in building their self-confidence to BELIEVE in themselves.

Erin has recently released her first book entitled: “Rise Up: Overcoming Depression”. Which is available on Amazon now. In this book Erin shares her struggles with postpartum depression and the tools she used to overcome.

Through all of her many business ventures her greatest accomplishment to date is being the mother of her intelligent, funny and handsome 6 year old son, Emory.

Nicole Walker’s Interview Commentary

I really enjoyed this interview with Erin and I hope you did as well.

I agree with Erin’s viewpoint on the importance of paying attention to the energy around us. As Erin stated, energy sets a wave in our life and we must be conscious of our own energy as well as the energy of those we choose to be around. The energy in our atmosphere shapes our days and our life. This includes first ourselves, then those around us. It is essential that we assess all energies so we can make the necessary changes to increase our vibe. A quote by Bryce Lewis reads, “If you don’t like something, just take away its only power: Your attention.”

I admire Erin’s understanding of the importance of our elders and the value of their presence, advice, and insight. When we realize that the input of elders helps to make the journey smoother, we will seek and appreciate their insight. This may seem fundamental to some; however, it can be foreign to others. The fact that Erin realized this and willingly received this input at a young age is awesome! Elder provide a knowledge and wisdom that only comes with age and experience, so it important for us to acquire all the information we can from the elders in our lives. A quote by an Unknown Author reads, “Listen to your elder’s advice. Not because they are always right, but because they have more experience of being wrong…”

I can relate to Erin’s love for and mission to help others see their light and build their confidence, as I have the same. As Erin mentioned, there is something about seeing a person change for the better based on your help that is priceless. Erin and I share the same understanding that “Broken Crayons Still Color”, and we both work to empower others to keep pushing regardless of anything. I absolutely love Erin’s reference to the Coronel Sanders story, as this story actually changed my life. Once I discovered that he did not start KFC until he was 65, a spark in me that had went out reignited and I realized that my story was not over. A quote by Wayne W. Dyer reads, “See the light in others, and treat them as if that is all you see.”

Nicole Walker’s Takeaway of the Week

Erin mentioned that she starts each of her days with meditation to set her mood and intentions. Meditation helps to reduce stress, control anxiety, promote emotional health, enhance self-awareness, generate kindness, increase attention span, and more. I know first-hand about the benefits of meditating daily, yet I have not followed this practice lately.

I will make it my business to set and stick to a morning routine that consists of meditating as I believe in and have experienced the benefits it provides. I aim to show up at my best at all times, and know meditating will help me to do so which is why I will add this practice back into my daily routine.

A quote by Deepak Chopra reads, “The most powerful benefits of meditation come from having a regular daily practice.”

Nicole Walker’s Leadership Challenge

My leadership challenge for you would be to think about the one thing you can take away from this episode and adopt into your life.  I know it’s hard to absorb too much information at one time and it’s even harder to try and implement too many changes at once.  When I attend a training or listen to podcasts I aim to walk away with a least one thing that stuck out to me and one way that I can change as a result.  I challenge you to do the same! 

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