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Oct 8, 2019

Welcome to She Leads Podcast Season 5, Episode 6! This episode of She Leads Podcast features Angela Anderson founder of Angela Anderson. Angela Anderson is a Cash Flow Conduit, Personal Development Coach, and PSYCH-K® Facilitator who leads her life like the Boss she is. To hear Angela Anderson’s take on leadership, listen to her interview as she discusses the importance of planning, how our perception shapes our reality, and the necessity to stop hiding and speak up.

Angela Anderson Bio

Angela Anderson helps entrepreneurs, coaches, and health & wellness professionals rapidly scale beyond 6 figures, massively scale their cash flow, explode their growth … and have the freedom & abundance to live the life they adore.  With over 20 years in personal development and entrepreneurship in the areas of subconscious mind reprogramming, health & fitness, and business, Angela shows her clients how real change happens in their minds.

As a PSYCH-K® Facilitator and former employee at the PSYCH-K® Centre International, and a leader in subconscious reprogramming, Angela teaches how to leverage proven neuroscience using mind management tools. She gives her clients the guide to unlock and transform the vault of self-limiting, self-sabotaging and negative beliefs about money.

When Angela is not working with clients from all over the world through the power of the internet, she is living the good life with her husband and two boys in Colorado, nestled at the base of Sangre de Cristo Mountains and overlooking the Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve ... and world traveling.

Nicole Walker’s Interview Commentary

I really enjoyed this interview with Angela and I hope you did as well.

I agree with Angela’s concept of our birth order having an impact on our characteristics. According to Angela, more times than not our circumstances and surroundings have more to do with our leadership style, as we are not often groomed from the positions we innately have to play. I understand this completely because this is how I “fell” into my leadership role growing as the oldest of three children. Survival is our core instinct as humans, consequently we do what we have to do with what is presented to us. When we accept who we are and figure out how to maximize our position, we win! A quote by Toni Morrison reads, “Freeing yourself was one thing; claiming ownership of that freed self was another.”

I admire Angela’s experience of growing up internationally, and being immersed in diversity. Not having racism in the forefront of your mind as a person of color is a gift. This experience gives Angela a different perspective of people, which impacts how she views her life experiences. Angela looks at her interactions on a person level as opposed to a race level, which is a very liberating viewpoint. I agree that interactions are individual and speak more to the limitations of each person, which should not be attributed race. Angela’s upbringing allows her to have a neutral viewpoint which is necessary to rise above the stigmatism of racism. When we learn to focus on the behavior while not equating it to our color we avoid classifying ourselves and others by color. A quote by Joni Eareckson Tada reads “Perspective is everything when you are experiencing the challenges of life.”

I can relate to Angela’s struggles with accepting feedback, as I experienced the same. When we only desire praise and confirmation from others, it’s hard to be receptive to growth opportunities. Focusing only on receiving accolades blocks the opportunity to learn about areas of improvement. As with Angela, I would beat myself up when things did not go as planned as opposed to learning from the experience and moving on with my new knowledge. It is imperative that we stop viewing failure as negative and embrace the new insight received to grow and expand. When we have pity parties about our failures we are distracting ourselves from moving beyond our failures to reach our goals. The longer we sulk the longer it takes to get where we are supposed to be. A quote by Jack Canfield reads, “I am welcoming, appreciating, and using the feedback I get, as I accept it as a valuable gift.”

Nicole Walker’s Takeaway of the Week

Angela mentioned the importance of having confidence in ourselves and our decisions. As Angela mentioned, we must speak up and take action if we want to be successful. This is an area I struggle with as I’ve had the tendency to hide, which stops my shine.

I will make it my business to become so comfortable with myself and my abilities, so I can speak up more often and take action more swiftly. I need to exercise my confidence muscle, as I know this is required to reach the levels of success that I aim to acquire.

A quote by Arthur Ashe reads, “One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.”

Nicole Walker’s Leadership Challenge

My leadership challenge for you would be to think about the one thing you can take away from this episode and adopt into your life.  I know it’s hard to absorb too much information at one time and it’s even harder to try and implement too many changes at once.  When I attend a training or listen to podcasts I aim to walk away with a least one thing that stuck out to me and one way that I can change as a result.  I challenge you to do the same! 

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