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May 12, 2020

Welcome to She Leads Podcast Season 6, Episode 10! This episode of She Leads Podcast features Miriam Cruz founder of Miriam Speaks. Miriam Cruz is a Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Self-love Advocate who leads her life like the Boss she is. To hear Miriam’s leadership journey, check out her interview as she shares her experiences and insight with us!

Miriam Cruz’s Bio

Miriam Cruz was born in Mexico and came to the United States as an immigrant when she was four years old. She was born into poverty, and her early years were marked by violence and neglect in her home at the hands of her father. Miriam faced many challenges and obstacles in her life. She dropped out of high school, was in the juvenile justice system, and became a struggling single mother who suffered through postpartum depression.

How can someone overcome that sort of past and obstacles? 

Miriam's extraordinary story of transforming her life after growing up in a violent household and becoming a struggling single mother is the inspiration behind her mission to teach others self-love, positive mindset, and forgiveness. Her resilience and drive have inspired many people to achieve their goals.      

Miriam received a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice. She has held several key roles in her community. She assisted programs for at-risk youth, hoping to impact their lives while providing resources to other programs.  She worked at the YMCA of Silicon Valley where she assisted families in strengthening their relationships.  Now, Miriam is a Supervisor at the Santa Clara County Courts.  In that role, she leads others and empowers her team to be high performing professionals.

Miriam was determined to make a different life for herself. She wanted an education and a stable home. She wanted respect and love. She wanted to heal and find positive relationships. She wanted to make a decent living and be an independent woman. She wanted a happy life.

Miriam wants to share her message of learning to leave the past behind, forgiveness, daring to hope, and finding the inner strength to achieve dreams, no matter how large the obstacles may be in life. So, in 2019 Miriam started Just Breathe Coaching, a journey to help others heal. The six-week program helps the wounded heal and learn to love themselves again. She did it and wants to show others how to do it too.

Individuals that work with Miriam learn reliable strategies and techniques that promote the attainment of their aspirations. Their passion, personal development, and confidence is ignited.

Learn more about Miriam on her website:

Interview Highlights

After realizing she was suffering from postpartum depression, Miriam decided to seek therapy. Being diagnosed as depressed caused Miriam to take quick and radical action, which was doing extensive mindset work to change her circumstances. As a result of this Miriam created a 6-week program called Limitless to help others overcome like she was able to do.

Miriam is an advocate for facing issues head-on, and addressing what needs to be addressed so healing can occur. As Miriam emphasized, avoiding our feelings is not the answer. We must deal if we want to heal. Miriam discussed ways she tried to cope in the past, such as shopping which only helped for a short time. She did not see the changed she desired until she did the mindset work required. According to Miriam, a great way to shape our mind is to listen to positive messages via books, videos, and podcasts.

Miriam also mentioned the importance of investing in ourselves to grow. According to Miriam, we have to say yes to ourselves which means being committed to bettering ourselves and working toward our dreams. The most important thing we must do is keep searching until we find what we need to succeed.

Check out Miriam’s interview to hear more.