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May 19, 2020

Welcome to She Leads Podcast Season 6, Episode 11! This episode of She Leads Podcast features Nikki Klugh founder of Nikki Klugh Design. Nikki Klugh is an Author, Interior Designer, and Speaker who leads her life like the Boss she is. To hear Nikki’s leadership journey, check out her interview as she shares her experiences and insight with us!

Nikki Klugh’s Bio

Nikki Klugh is an award-winning interior designer and the principal designer of NIKKI KLUGH DESIGN GROUP, Inc. Fueled by 19 years of interior design experience and—even more importantly—a passion for creating spaces that support and improve your overall well-being, Nikki will design a home or an office that makes you feel like a better you.

Her passion for interior design extends far beyond making spaces beautiful, comfortable or even simply functional. She firmly believes in the abilities of spaces to change our lives. She knows that our environments can shift the way we feel and the way we function at a deep level--for work spaces to inspire our productivity, for sanctuary spaces to provide us rest and to restore our very spirit as we return from long days in a sometimes cluttered, stressful and draining world.

Her design mission is to create inspiring spaces and work cultures, which reflect the creativity, innovation and collaboration that occurs in the high growth companies. She is driven by the fact that space matters, remarkable design is essential and thoughtful planning will inspire extraordinary results.  She is committed to helping you go beyond the status quo to achieve greatness.  Nikki brings insights, ideas, experience and solutions to help you move from survive to thrive.


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Interview Highlights

Nikki grew up in a tightly knit family having what some would consider to be “it all”, yet she suffered from a lack of confidence because she did not look like many of her counterparts at school. Nikki attributes becoming an entrepreneur to helping her break-free from this captive way of thinking, and heal the hurts she experienced growing up.

According to Nikki, mindset is everything! At times having a positive mindset requires hard work, in uprooting the negative beliefs or teachings we acquired over time. It is up to us to quiet the negative chatter that can tell us we are not worthy of greatness due to stereotypical beliefs.

Community is very important to Nikki. She is grateful to have grown up with such a close family, and to have her sorority sisters in her life. Nikki attributes her success to having a backbone of people she can depend on when needed. Nikki has affirmed that she will always be surrounded by people who love her, no matter how far she goes in life. This is what keeps her grounded and gives her the permission to reach for the stars, knowing she will never be alone.

Nikki is an advocate for masterminds due to the powerful results that occur from people pooling their ideas and thoughts together to help one another. As Nikki stated “iron sharpens iron”, which is why she makes it her business to stay surrounded by people who are aiming for more in life. Nikki believes, “many brains together focused on one thing can solve so many of the world’s problems.” – Nikki Klugh