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Jun 9, 2020

Welcome to She Leads Podcast Season 6, Episode 14! This episode of She Leads Podcast features Donna Castillo founder of Tender Transitions. Donna Castillo is a Coach, Real Estate Problem Solver, and Wealth Manager who leads her life like the Boss she is. To hear Donna’s leadership journey, check out her interview as she shares her experiences and insight with us!

Donna Castillo’s Bio

Donna Castillo went from an Executive Admin to a Senior Level Marketing Executive at Fortune 500 Companies in the Bay Area.  She found her passion by combining her over 25+ years of corporate marketing experience and her real estate expertise.

Donna has been successfully combining her Marketing and Real Estate Expertise to garner her Sellers top dollar with the best terms in the shortest amount of time possible.  Her Buyers are able to benefit from her strong negotiating skills to purchase their homes at the price and terms that best meet their needs.  All of her clients are able to benefit from her expansive network of potential buyers/sellers, realtors and other housing industry professionals. 

Donna also believes in giving back to her community.  She currently is:

Commissioner for the City of San Jose Seniors Commission.  The Senior Citizens Commission studies, reviews, evaluates and makes recommendations to the City Council on any matters affecting seniors in the City of San Jose, including health, education, employment, housing transportation, and recreation.

Executive Board Member, Vice President for NAHREP Silicon Valley (National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals).  NAHREP's mission is to advance sustainable homeownership by (1) Educating and empowering real estate professionals, (2) Advocating for public policy that supports the trade association’s mission, and (3) Facilitating relationships among industry stakeholders, real estate practitioners and other housing industry professionals

Sabor Del Valle Executive Board Member whose main objective is to raise funds for local non-profits that change the lives of the overlooked and underrepresented in the Bay Area.

Interview Highlights

Donna grew up in a traditional Puerto Rican household, where children are to be seen and not heard, and women are the caretakers and not the head of the household. After divorcing her husband Donna decided she wanted to live her life on her terms, which led her to purchase her first home. Donna’s first home purchase led to her second, third, and more which eventually led to her deciding she wanted to venture into Real Estate.

Over the years Donna realized there was so many things that she did not know, and she was adamant about figuring things out. Her quest for knowledge and understanding led to her advancing in Corporate America, as well as in Real Estate investing and life in general. Donna is a problem solver who sees roadblocks as opportunities, and she is not afraid to seize the opportunities that come before her.

One of Donna’s regrets in life is not attending college, which held her back from a great opportunity in the past. Yet, she has become extremely successful in spite of this. Now, Donna is an advocate for life-long learning and makes it her business to consume content about the subjects she desires to know more in. Because she now knows that she can figure out anything she doesn’t know, Donna makes it her business to learn and grow.