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Jun 5, 2019

Welcome to She Leads Podcast Season 4, Episode 6! This episode of She Leads Podcast features Devoreaux Walton founder of The Modern Lady.  Devoreaux is an Author, Confidence Coach, and Women Empowerment Advocate who leads her life like the Boss she is. To hear Devoreaux Walton’'s take on leadership, listen to her interview as she discusses the importance of having a mentor, standing up for the less fortunate, and being organized.

Devoreaux Walton’s Bio

Devoreaux Walton is an author and confidence coach who serves as the CEO and Founder at The Modern Lady, a lifestyle company that educates and empowers women to live their best lives. Walton and her team teach women worldwide how to elevate their lives with elegance – helping them to unlock and unleash their feminine power through coaching, courses and community. Walton knows the power of mindset, wardrobe and charisma, and teaches timeless life principles for women to upgrade the essence of their chic selves to truly thrive. A Spelman College graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Washington University in St. Louis graduate with a Master’s degree in Business Administration, Walton is candid about sharing lessons learned from her corporate career at Google and IBM to inform and inspire her clients. A southern belle from Atlanta, Georgia, Walton currently resides in Dallas, Texas, with her Maltipoo daughter, Nyla. To learn more please visit  

Nicole Walker’s Interview Commentary

I really enjoyed this interview with Devoreaux, and I hope you did as well.

I agree with Devoreaux’s viewpoint of it being frightening, yet necessary to step outside of our comfort zone. When we step outside of our comfort zone, we allow ourselves to grow personally and professionally. As Devoreaux mentioned, stepping outside of our comfort zone is where the magic happens. IF we are looking to achieve optimal performance, THEN we must step outside of our comfort zone. Learning to get comfortable being uncomfortable is what successful leaders do. A quote by Neal Donald Walsch reads, “life begins at the end of your comfort zone”.

I admire Devoreaux’s decision to stand up for the underdog as it shows her care and compassion for those around her. Being a compassionate leader is so important. I especially admire how Devoreaux exhibited this trait while growing up and ended up working in a field where she is still standing up for those that need her. Choosing to work with women who feel less than an undeserving of love is needed and I'm glad to see Devoreaux leading in this capacity. We all have power and  must choose whether to use our power for good or bad. Devoreaux decided to use her power for good by helping others.

I can relate to Devereaux being the queen of lists as I am the same. I love lists as they help me to stay organized and track my progress. Putting a check next to completed items on my list soothes my soul, as I am a results oriented individual. Lists help to make goals and aspirations tangible and within reach. Breaking down goals into tasks and using lists to plan those tasks is essential for success. List gives you direction and helps to relieve stress, further proving why lists are important for progress. If you need direction and want to relieve stress, like me, then using lists is the way to go.

Nicole Walker’s Takeaway of the Week

Devoreaux mentioned the importance of listening more than you speak, in an effort to be mindful of not pushing your own agenda. As Devoreaux suggested, we should tailor our leadership to what others are seeking and not be self serving. As Devoreaux stated, we must be open minded and not overlook this simple task.

I will make it my business to listen more and speak less, as I aim to be more mindful of others. I do not want to be self serving, and I know this is a must to reach this goal. I care about helping others and realize that I must listen to successfully do so. I have to listen to the needs of others above my personal desires.

A quote by Doug Larson reads, “wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you'd preferred to talk”.

Nicole Walker’s Leadership Challenge of the Week

My leadership challenge for you is to think about the one thing you can take away from this episode and adopted for your life. I know it's hard to absorb too much information at one time and it's even harder to try and implement to make changes at once. When I attend a training or listen to podcasts, I aim to walk away with at least one thing that stuck out to me and one way that I can change as a result. I challenge you to do the same. If you decide to take me up on my challenge, I would love to know about your key takeaway, if you care to share please go to the She Leads Podcast Discussion Group on Facebook and leave your comment under the Takeaway Thursday post or Season 4, Episode 6.

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Thanks. And until next time, “Be Empowered and Empower On”.